Sage 100 will NOT let you delete an Inventory Warehouse if there is any transaction-activity for that warehouse. Sage allows you to delete all transactions for a date-range but you would loose the history including losing all historical data (prior to the given date), regardless of the item or the warehouse. DSD has an Extended Solution for the Inventory Management module that gives you a utility to merge a range of item numbers from one warehouse to another, either within the same Company Code or across Company Codes. That can be handy for moving a product-line to another warehouse or closing a warehouse. If you merge all the items from one warehouse to another, you can then delete the source-warehouse since it will have no more transactions, but those transactions will be available via the destination warehouse’s transaction history.

You enter the FROM and INTO warehouses and their companies. The utility then scans the specified range of item numbers. If an item number exists in the ‘Into’ warehouse, the utility merges the ‘From’ warehouse’s information to the ‘Into’ warehouse. If an item number does not exist in the ‘Into’ warehouse, all Inventory Masterfile information is transferred to the ‘Into’ warehouse. If the utility detects that an item in the specified range does not exist in the ‘From’ warehouse, that record is unprocessed. In both cases, all records in the ‘From’ warehouse are deleted when the merge is completed. Contact us at Friendly Systems for more information as we are the DSD Business Systems North Atlanta Branch.

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