What our allies have to say about Friendly Systems:

Why “allies” and not “customers”?

Allies are in helpful association with another. Being an ally means using our energy and resources and whatever power or access we may have to make sure that there will be equal power in our relationships between Friendly Systems and those who select us to work with them.


xTuple is a great program. It allows the user to do everything from simple orders to total inventory and project management. The team at Friendly Systems makes is easy for companies like ours to drop their old, outdated order management software and increase efficiency with xTuple.”

Logan Adams, Carl Eric Johnson, Inc.Carl Eric Johnson

”The software package works for us, rather than we having to work for it. Many manual processes have been eliminated that were required as work-around deficiencies in our old software.”

Mary White, Atlanta Rod Atlanta Rod

“You have served us so well that we are convinced you are indeed a partner, an ally of Cottrell’s. I don’t think you could have taken our interests more to heart if you were the sole owner of Cottrell; that is how comfortable I feel in not only your technical support but also the recommendations you make on purchase of new/additional software.”

Mike Klu, Cottrell, Inc. Cottrell Trailers

“They don’t just sell boxes of software and move on to the next project. They’re more like our IT department and an important member of our team. Whenever we need support, we get someone who actually knows our account. That level of personalized service makes things a lot easier than wasting time with call center somewhere at a huge company.”

Beth Maney, Lumite,Inc. Lumite

“I’ve been through a few software implementations with other companies and I have to say this was the best system conversion I’ve ever been through. I attribute that to the well-organized, documented project plan put together by Friendly Systems that kept us on schedule.”

Teresa Morris, SteelMart,Inc. SteelMart

“Friendly Systems consultants were great to work with, very knowledgeable and always available to offer a helping hand.”

Kevin Kamasuko, EmoryUniversity Emory University School of Medicine