If this is your first visit here, it is likely because you recognize that your business systems (Accounting, ERP, CRM) aren’t all they could be. Maybe you’ve outgrown your current system, or maybe you’re not using everything it has available.

Are you managing critical data in spreadsheets?

With all the ransomware running wild, that is even more dangerous than ever.

Are you entering the same data in more than one place?

Businesses need to operate off of one version of the truth.

Friendly Systems can help you reach that goal of one integrated system. Whether it is moving to a newer, modern ERP/CRM like Spire or xTuple, or getting the best out of old reliable desktop ERPs like Sage 100 and Sage 300, we can help you analyze your business practices and design a system that works for you, rather than you working for it.

We know how to use the built-in customization toolkits there products have to offer to create a system that fits your business now and can grow with you far into the future.

Confused about “cloud” and other buzzwords?

We can help you decide first of all on the best product and then also on the best way to deploy it for your organization. Contact us to get started.

Friendly Systems is local to Atlanta, GA and Asheville, NC, and virtually everywhere.

xTuple ERP Elite Partner

Spire Authorized Partner

Sage Certified Consultant
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