In between major releases, Sage 100 releases product updates for each version to correct and tweak features of that Sage 100 version. You may find some of these helpful depending on the version of Sage 100 that you use. You should never apply a Sage product update without checking with your Sage reseller to be sure it doesn’t interfere with custom changes and enhancements on your system.

For Sage 100 version 2021, the latest update version is 2021.3 which includes changes from 2021.1 and 2021.2 For Sage 100 version 2020, the latest update is version 2020.5 (which in includes updates 1,2,3,4) Both include the following recent changes:

Accounts Payable Changes:

A/P Check Reversals Discount Amount is now calculated correctly when using Check & Electronic Payment Selection to Select Invoices for Payment.

Quick-Printing in A/P Manual Check/Payment Entry no longer displays “Data is not selected for Report Printing”

Printing Tax forms no longer gets Error-88 CI_eFilingCommon.pvc” when printing tax forms in Sage 100 Standard workstation.

Accounts Receivable Changes

Customer Maintenance State field is no longer cleared if customer linked to CRM Company address fields.

SQL (Sage Premium) no longer gets Error-15 when printing Customer Listing where Balances & Gross Profit % exceed 9,999.99%.

SQL (Sage Premium) purging records in AR Cash Receipts History now correctly purges based on the #-of-years setting in A/R Setup.

General Ledger Changes

When drilling down on Transaction Zoom, you will no longer see message “XYYYYY ZZZZZZ is not on file”

Inventory Management Changes

Exporting Lot/Serial Transaction History Report to CSV format will no longer show “Not enough memory for operation”

Item Maintenance/Inquiry History now reflects the number of decimal places in Common Information Setup.

Inventory Maintenance Copy-From now copies Item Volume to the new item.

Purchase Order Changes

Purchase Order Auto Generate from Sales Orders Quantity Required no longer subtracts Qty-on-PO if they were generated for existing Sales Orders.

Purchases Clearing from History Report now excludes transactions after the date selected.

PO Receipt of Goods Entry lines tab on a One Step PO no longer encounters Error-11 after viewing a standard PO Receipt.

Purchase Order Entry User is now populated when drilling down to see the Purchase Order

Purchase Order Lookups for Receipts History now allow all fields to be added via custom lookups.

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