Accounts Payable
Check total in Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance is showing correct amount when
selecting more than 1 invoice on the lines using the line lookup icon on the first entry after opening
the task.

Statement Printing no longer prints a blank PDF when using Paperless Office
which is controlled by deselecting the new Customer with No Invoices check box.

Bill of Materials

Error 26 SY_Maint_ui.pvc Line 3081 no longer occurs when clicking the Office icon in BOM
Disassembly Entry.

Error 11 SY_ReportManager_bus.pvc Line 86 no longer occurs when clicking the Designer button in
Bill of Materials Memo Printing.

Crystal Reports

User will no longer receive an incorrect warning message during future Product Update installations,
that one or more Crystal Reports show file differences.


Custom Office – Update Custom Panels to Current Level – Not Corrupted custom library. “Unable to
draw folder control” message is not occurring when launching screen.


Error 88 SY_POPUP Line 494 no longer occurs in Item Maintenance on the History tab.

Library Master

Data File Display & Maintenance – Add and Edit buttons are no longer disabled when changing files after viewing SY1Q01-SY1Q04 query tables.

At the end of the Product Update install, a reminder message will now appear instructing that
company data conversion will be required.

The Authentication process failed. OAuth WebAuthenticationBroker ServicePointManager
SecurityProtocol TLS 1.2 no longer occurs with OAuth email settings in Sage 100 Advanced and

Production Management

Warning message regarding mismatch in totals is no longer displayed on the Materials Transaction
Inquiry screen when displaying for a lot/serial item that has overhead.

Duplicate Backflush transactions are no longer created if Completion is accepted and then selected
again to select the Close WT checkbox.

Lot/Serial unit cost are now correct for partial completion transactions that closes a work ticket.

Error 42 CI_PMFrameworkConversion no longer occurs when converting a large dataset.

Closed Date is converting the correct date is showing from the migrated company after
migrated and converted the data from existing version.

PM Earnings Code Maintenance Pay Rate Multiplier is set to 1.000 for Earnings Code 000001 &
Pay Rate Multiplier is set to 1.500 for Earning code 000002 on initial setup of a new company for
the Regular and Overtime.

Daily Materials Usage Register will now post transactions that are outside of the current GL period.

Purchase Order

The Less Prepaid Amount is showing zero amount when prepayments entered during receipt of
invoice update to the PO.

Purchase order Receipt History Report displays correct data when reusing receipt numbers.
Error 11 SY_ReportManager_bus.pvc Line 86 no longer occurs when clicking the Designer button in
Vendor Memo Printing.

Error 41 PO_PurchasesClearingReport_rpt.pvc Line 372 no longer occurs when running the
Purchases Clearing Report.

Cancelled Purchase Orders can be reused.

Sales Order

Error 88 SY_GridHandler.pvc 1264 no longer occurs in Shipping Data Entry when changing Ship
Date on the Shipping Tab.

Visual Integrator

The TaxRate field in SY_SalesTaxCodeDetail will import 6 decimal places when using Visual

Upgrade warning for all systems:
Check with Friendly Systems before updating your Sage 100 system to be sure the update does not interfere with any custom modifications or 3rd party enhancements.

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