xTuple 6.0.5 new features include:

  • Overall improvements in CRM including better merge functionality, more intuitive Role association, and increased contact and address functionality
  • More granular control over location settings when using Multiple Location Control
  • Added Safety Stock, Min/Max order and Lead time to Running Availability screen for improved at-a-glance inventory analysis
  • Inventory Reservations can now be automatically released when drop ship Purchase Orders are released
  • Lot/Serial characteristics can now be added even when using automatic Lot/Serial sequences

Other Added Features include:

  •  Add “dba” field to Vendor screen
  • Display Planning Settings in Running Availability
  • Added Safety Stock, Min/Max order and Lead Time to Running Availability screen
  • Quotes search and filter functionality improved
  • PO Line Items Notes added to Purchase Order Window
    • Notes now available as a column in PO Line Items tab
  • Add ability to select a range of GL Accounts on the GL Trans screen.
  • Purchase Order Return report is now re-printable from Receipts & Returns and Rejected Material
  • Inventory History report now shows ABC class on print

xTuple has also also worked on a number of other components in the following areas:

  • Desktop extension v4.1.3
  • Time & Expense extension v2.5.5
  • Project Accounting extgension v1.3.9
  • xTuple Connect v3.10.1
  • Fixed Assets extensions v 1.8.11
  • NodeJS Shim v1.0.4.

Let us know if your xTuple system would benefit from these changes and you would like to upgrade your xTuple system.

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