Accounts Payable
A/P Invoice Amount includes freight on the PO tab in Vendor Maintenance.
APPXXX checks are now expanded from 6 to 10 characters after upgrading and the applied check
can be reversed.
A/P 1099- NEC dropdown Box Number (No.) list is now enabled to select in Accounts Payable
Manual Check and Payment Entry lines tab if changed from any other form to 1099 NEC.
ACH check run no longer causes out of balance GL after editing entries in check maintenance.

Bank Reconciliation
Screen no longer flickers when clearing items in Reconcile Bank in Bank Reconciliation.
Bank Feeds now matches checks. When check numbers expanded to 10 characters in 2021, Bank Feeds check number matching did not work because check number was too short.

General Ledger
BankAccountNo is no longer stored masked in GL_Bank when viewed through Library Master, Data
File Display and Maintenance. BankAccountNo remains blank which is expected since the data is
store in the EncryptedVals field.

Inventory Management
DateUpdated$ field in CI_Item is updated with the correct date during the inventory Automatic
Cost and Price Change utility.

Production Management
Production Management has 14 different enhancements. A few examples are:

Item Memos are now available in PM Work Ticket Entry and Work Ticket Inquiry.
Description of work performed for labor transactions can now be viewed in Work
Ticket Entry and Work Ticket History Inquiry.
A work ticket can now be viewed from Work Ticket Entry, when there is a lock on a
record from another user or when a transaction exists in Transaction Entry.
Work Ticket component item with negative unit cost will no longer show as a positive unit cost in the
JI transaction.
Production Management Transaction Entry with Transaction Type Materials with negative Issued
quantities for Serial items the Transaction Register Update updates Materials Tab Issued quantities
and the Totals Tab is no longer missing the costs of all the items updated.
Users are now able to change Activity Code for existing Work Ticket Template in Production
Export to Excel option has been added to the Inquiry folder in Work Ticket Entry &
History Inquiry.

Purchase Order
Purchase Order Receipt History Report no longer doubles the totals when the Receipt of
Goods and Receipt of Invoice are done separately.
Freight amount is included in Invoiced to Date Field in Purchase Order Entry.
Purge Purchase Order History utility no longer ignores the date entered when the purchase
order no longer exists in Purchase Order Entry.

Sales Order
Error 1 SO_Shipping_UI.pvc 724 no longer occurs when clicking on the Shipping List flashlight
button in Shipping Data Entry.

Check with Friendly Systems before updating your Sage 100 system to be sure the update does not interfere with any custom modifications or 3rd party enhancements.

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