Sage Engineering will test Sage 100 versions 2020 and 2021 with the upcoming Windows 11 which is being released in October, 2021. If all testing passes as expected, Sage 100 expects to begin supporting Windows 11 in December 2021. Sage 100 2022, targeted for release in March/April 2022 is expected to support Windows 11. Sage 100 versions prior to version 2020 will not be supported with Windows 11. Windows SERVER 2019 is the latest version of Windows SERVER supported by Sage 100. Windows Lifecycle now lists October 14, 2025, as the Windows 10 “Retirement Date.” Note that all Windows 10 computers will not necessarily support Windows 11. Microsoft has a PCHealthCheck program you can download to see if your computer processor and other components will support Windows 11. See MicrosoftWindows11

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