Zoho Analytics Version 5.0 has just been released, and an already very capable and easy to use business intelligence platform just got better. The new versions adds capabilities such as:

Data Prep – Zoho Analytics already lets you bring in and work with data from multiple sources, but it now also provides AI powered data cleansing and transformation. It’s data quality analysis shows you what needs to be cleaned, and updates after each step to let you know if you are done yet. This saves you time on the first run over manual Excel or SQL cleanup, and for imports that need to be repeated it saves you even more time, because it records the steps and can play them back for subsequent imports.

Ask Zia – speaking of AI, you can now converse with it! Ask Zia “Show me sales by item this year” and get answers in tabular or graphic format. Follow up with “Show me the top ten” and get your 10 best sellers.

Stories – easily create presentations from your data with interactive graphs and charts.

Check out the short video below for more on these and other features.

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