Sage 100 version 2021 is scheduled for April 21st with a number of enhancements, including offering a 64-bit version of Sage100 ERP. Below are some of the enhancements planned. Note that some features are limited to Sage100 subscription plans. 64-bit Sage100 version will not support Sage Intelligence.

Show PO Receipts of Invoice details in the PO Receipt History Inquiry (currently only a summary is shown, requiring you to research the detail).

Purchases Clearing report can be run through a selected “cut-off” date rather than running it for all purchases to date. This is very helpful in auditing situations.

Backward and forward traceability of Lot & Serial numbers including components for manufactured items.

A Utility to clear “Paid Today” flag in AP Open invoice file for a single invoice. Currently you have to clear the check-entry files.

Utility in AP to reverse selection of checks for payment.

Increase length of check numbers from 6 to 10 in all modules.

Default Item Inquiry Transaction Date to ALL instead of RANGE, so you don’t have to constantly change the range setting.

New Security Menu with enhancements to User and Role system including: new Role-Report, new User-Report – you can get a listing of users by role. Role options are listed in menu order.

Visual Integrator now has a Setup menu with new options for managing Job logs. You can set different jobs to save logs differently, including on another folder that you select.

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