Selling often involves knowing what your customers have bought in the past. DSD Business Systems has an add-on that allows you to see (and search) specific items that your customers have purchased via a tab on the Customer Maintenance/Inquiry screens. (Friendly Systems is DSD’s North Atlanta Branch).

This new Item History panel for the A/R Customer Maintenance and Inquiry screens displays Items sold to the Customer. The display defaults to items sold to the customer from the A/R History File in Invoice Number order, but information can be sorted by any of these fields: Invoice-Date, Invoice No, Source, Item Code, Prod Line, U/M, Quantity, Unit Price or Extension.

Multiple search options allow display by a range of Invoice Dates, Invoice Numbers, Item Codes, Product Lines, and Job Numbers (if Job Cost is installed). A total of all items in a range displayed. You can also include or exclude Miscellaneous line-items, or display only Miscellaneous items and hide Kit-components. Invoice drill-down is also available on this new panel.

A handy tool for your salespeople when talking to a customer !!

  1. Anna,

    This functionality is provided by an addon that can be purchased from DSD Business Systems. Contact your Sage 100 partner/consultant and they can help you purchase and install it.

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