Everyone knows that businesses working with the most accurate, recent information make more money. The challenge facing businesses is that information is not always easy to share. With modern software, however, integration of business systems doesn’t have to be a hassle. Using ERP software can help your business integrate systems and function more smoothly.

What is ERP? Integration!

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is software– usually a suite of applications– that integrate systems in your business. It’s a way of digitizing, tracking, and synchronizing your business to support profits and minimize inefficiencies. This method of business planning requires more than a software download, however. In order to fully utilize ERP software and integrate your business systems, you need to know what your ERP needs are.


Imagine setting up devices to sync with data from one core database. Every transaction from an ecommerce store, for example, would track in the accounting department, in sales, and in customer services immediately. A problem with distribution would be immediately available to customer services and to corporate managers. Regardless of what an employee does or what projects you begin, ERP software supports integration across and within departments. In order to find your ERP needs, you need to know what systems need integration. Is your accounting department working with old information? Do customers have a hard time finding old orders they’d like to update? What processes get slowed down by old info? Those might benefit from ERP software.

Many businesses already use some type of ERP software, or would benefit from it. No matter what part of your business you want to support– accounting, distribution, human resources, etc.– ERP software helps the integration process. This method of business systems management takes advantage of new technology in support of efficiency.

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We at Friendly Systems know that software companies and IT support often come with a huge amount of jargon. Once we get a common language, we still need to establish common goals. What would you like your ERP software to do that it doesn’t currently? What needs do you have that are not currently met by your technology, especially ERP software meant to make business easier? Leave a comment, question, or suggestion here!

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