Business in the modern era need more than accuracy. That’s a given– we can’t run our businesses on anything less. If you want to take your business from accurate to efficient, from connected to synchronized, consider adding Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) software to your current lineup. Microsoft Power BI gives you access and availability to business analytics on any device, including your smartphone.

Why Power BI?

Business intelligence software is all about modernizing business data. Using graphic analysis, BI makes labor-intensive, costly process easier and cheaper. However, all business intelligence software isn’t created equally. Power BI from Microsoft has all the advantages of software from Microsoft– it’s reliable, easy to integrate into existing systems, and award-winning. The best part, however, is the easy access to business analytics. This software allows you to access data and analysis via any device. That includes anything you can connect to the internet, like a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. Traveling and need to make pricing decisions? Power BI lets you see data, organized graphically, for what Microsoft calls a 360-degree view of your business.

Teamwork? More Like Dreamwork

But it isn’t all about one person calling the shots. Technology like this also allows teams to synchronize data in real time. Need to work with a few others without sharing an office space? Want to display trends to customers in another state? To accomplish these, all they need is internet access and updated data. Power BI does the rest.

Imagine working on a team that needs internet access to be moving in sync, rather than long meetings or waiting periods between updated information. Not only does this save time, it saves frustration and effort. As a result, customers get timelier service and employees get a better workflow– a win all around.

How Do I Get Power BI?

To make your systems even friendlier to your business processes (and business profits), visit the Friendly Systems website and ask about how we can make Power BI part of your business. Check out Power BI’s website for videos and more detailed product information.

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