Sage has added complementary products that will work with your Sage ERP software for added capabilities. They have been tested and approved for use with Sage ERP products. Here are some of the products. Let us know if you would like more information on how to add these features to your system.

Sage CRM tracks your leads, prospects and communications with businesses before and after they become your customers. Sage CRM integrates with Outlook e-mail to save important correspondence within your ERP system for your access, not just on your salespeople’s laptops.

Sage Business Intelligence and Reporting – create custom financial reports into an excel format for analyzing both financial and non-financial data.

Sage Sales Tax management by Avalara – if you sell into many tax jurisdictions this product keeps your tax rates up-to-date.

Sage HRMS and Payroll – if managing payroll and employee status data is an important part of your business. Consider Sage HRMS to manage all the employee data.

Sage Fixed Assets will help introduce (via Purchase Order interface), track and calculate depreciation of major assets and post to your General Ledger.

Sage Payment Solutions – allows you to take credit-cards for customer purchases in a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant package.

Sage Budgeting and Planning – do you spend a lot of time budgeting and planning for the year – here are some tools to assist.

Sage Document Management solutions – document storage can save time, money and paper.

Sage EDI – Electronic Data Interchange for handling transactions with your customers and vendors




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