Sage 100 version’s 4.50 and newer (formerly called Mas 90/ Mas 200) have new features for dealing with National (or parent) branch accounts so that you can determine how you analyze and bill companies with one or more branches. See the AR Options National Tab to activate this feature. Credit-limits can be based on the parent plus all branches or on the individual branch’s orders and credit-limit. Sales Analysis figures can be based on Parent or branch or Both (choosing both overstates Sales Analysis totals however). Set the most-common case in the AR Options National Tab as the default for new parent-branch entries. You can change the settings for individual parent-branch situations in AR Setup menu Bill-To-Customer-Maintenance or click the MORE listings on the upper right of Customer Maintenance and select Bill-To/Sold-To. Statement printing now has the option to print the “sold-to” customer invoices on the “bill-to” customer’s statement. Note that only invoices created since the parent-branch link was made will be combined on one statement.

When you first start to use the National Account features, you can link existing customers via the AR Setup menu Bill-to/Sold-To maintenance option for multiple customers, or individually through Customer Maintenance. Once you have setup the parent-branch relationships – if any of your parent/branch customers have credit-limits set to be based on the Parent, be sure to run the new AR Utility to Recalculate Open-order Amounts so all branch open-orders will be aggregated into their parent-company’s Open-Order balance for credit-limit checking purposes. Note: If you are thinking of renumbering your customers in the future, it is advisable to do the renumbering before you activate the National accounts feature – as it will slow down the renumbering process considerably.

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