Sage Mas 90 and Mas 200 Paperless Office offers both time and paper-saving features. We have found one “gotcha” that may result in you missing some registers or journals in modules where you are using Paperless Office. When you “Print” a Journal or Register from one of these modules, the system will create a PDF document for that document – however when you “Preview” the document, and then update the document from preview, the system will NOT create a pdf-copy of that document. Solution: Go to Role Maintenance in the Library Master module. For all users who can update Journals or Registers, go to their roles and make the following change. Under Security Events, go to each of the modules you are running as “paperless”, and un-check the option to Allow Updating of Journals from Preview. This will insure that you “Print” (paper or pdf or both) all Journals and Registers from that module before updating. If you are using Paperless Office, please make this change. Call our support-line at 678-273-4010 ext 2 if you have questions.

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