Mas 90 & Mas 200 up to version 3.71 called this System Activity Log and is on the Library Master Utilities menu. Mas90 4.x versions call this the Activity Log and is on the Library Master Reports menu. If you have the E-Business Manager modules, use Web Error Log on the E-Business Manager Main menu to view a continuous record of significant Web Engine error events.

Use the Activity Log to view a continuous record of significant operating events (installing applications, or performing system startup, file maintenance, module period-end processing, Visual Integrator Import and Export Jobs run including #-records imported/exported.). This log also lists any error conditions that have occurred.

The log prints up to the last 999 events, deleting the oldest activity from the list as each new activity is added. Friendly Systems technical support often refers to this log when researching any system problems you may encounter.

Some of these errors are cryptic and often non-consequential errors, but major events such as module period-closings, company copies, GL Account and other renumberings and changes made with Utilities that may help you when researching those issues. It also lists the user-code to tell you what user initiated the event. Each of these logs includes a search-feature that allows you to locate events by date, user, company or event type.

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