Slow performance, hanging, Error 12, Error 0, or “Invalid Handles” in Sage MAS 90 or 200 may be caused by your anti-virus programs. Have your system administrator check your anti-virus program settings.

Data files used for Mas90/200 business framework modules have been converted to a new file structure beginning with Mas90/200 Version 4.00. The Data File names now end with a suffix of .M4T as the standard file type. File types .SOA still exist.

If running anti-virus software on either the client workstation or the server, configure the anti-virus software to exclude all files with .SOA, .M4T, .M4T, .M4L, and .PVC extensions.

Some anti-virus software programs have a setting to scan network files. If so, deselect ‘Network Scanning’ of files on all workstations and the server.

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