If you have Sage Mas90/200 Custom Office version 4.2 or later, there is an interesting feature in Custom Office that you may not have noticed. It is only available on the Business Framework modules, which currently include AR,AP,GL,SO and BR, but it’s a handy feature. Advanced Field Settings allows you to change settings on standard fields in the Mas90/200 database. Most people are familiar with setting up User Defined Fields (UDF’S), but Advanced Field Settings lets you set defaults, make fields required and set validation values for standard Mas90/200 database fields. Example: Customer Comment field. You can make this field a “required” field, to be one of the words: Retail, Wholesale, Government. The system will require operators to enter one of these responses in the comment-field when setting up any new customers. Call Friendly Systems tech-support if you need assistance with this feature in Custom Office.

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