Report selection functions are now much easier

Selection options for reports are now on the main screen, rather than a separate tab, so all information is visible on one screen.

You can now enter value fields in report selection without having to select the operand.
Example: To select a customer for a report, enter 01-ABF as customer, the operand will automatically default to Equal-to in the operand column. This makes selection much quicker.

Also note that for AR, AP,GL & SO reports, if there are User Defined Fields setup for the primary report file, the User Define Fields appear on the report selection screen. You will have to scroll down the selection screen to see them, as they appear after the primary fields, but they can be used with the various selection options to choose records for the report. The User Defined Fields do not print on the report however, unless you add them using Crystal reports.

There's a great new option to automatically return to the report selection screen after printing or previewing so you can change the selection options and print/preview again without having to start over. See the bottom line to the right of the printer selection where it says: Keep Window Open.