Paperless Office features example – archiving Journals and Registers

Functions: Ability to e-mail, fax and store PDF’s of forms, registers and reports with no additional software required.

Advantages: fast transmission of information to customers, employees and vendors. Archiving and easy retrieval of forms, registers and reports. Eliminate filing time and paper storage and expense.

Example Sales Order Sales Journals: You set up your company ABC for Sales Order Sales Journals to create pdf documents and store them in your pre-designated folder for Sales Order Registers. When you select the Sales Journal, a PDF file of the report will be created with the name in the pre-designated folder in the format:
where ABC is the company code and SO-000010 is the Sales Journal number.

Accessing the Journals & Registers
OK you need to see or print a certain Sales Journal from 2 weeks ago, how do you find it? Go to the Paperless Office module selector option for Journal & Register Viewer. A grid will be displayed with all the Sales Journals for your company including the journal name: (Daily Sales Reports/Updates), date-printed, User-code, and whether the journal was updated or not. There is a search feature so you can retrieve journals by journal number or user. Simply click on the report you need and it will be loaded into the viewer for you to review, print or e-mail. No more looking through files in the file cabinet. In the setup, you may specify a password for these documents so that information is kept confidential.

  1. It’s amazing how much businesses can save by going paperless. Save money on ink, paper, printers, employees, data recovery. Plus, electronic is much more efficient and faster.

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