Paperless Office features – great for saving time and money in printing, filing, transmitting and retrieving forms, registers and reports.

Ability to fax and e-mail orders and invoices to customers and vendors

Ability to archive and easily retrieve registers, journals and reports and view, print or e-mail them.

Documents can be passworded to maintain confidentiality

New Business Insights Features

New views are included for G/L, A/P, Inventory and Purchase Orders.

Quicker drill down to information and data entry without lengthy menus.

New Chart tab allows you to view and chart data from several areas and customize the titles – then you can copy the chart into other applications such as Microsoft Word documents. Great for presentations.

Improved Business Insights Dashboard

Place detail or summary views on the main Dashboard.
Generate Dashboard pages independent of internet connectivity.
Charts are now printable.
Greater security features for setting up dashboards for different users.

Report selection functions are now much easier

Selection options for reports are now on the main screen, rather than a separate tab.

Enter value fields in report selection without having to select the operand.
Example: To select a customer for a report, enter 01-ABF as customer, the operand will automatically default to Equal-to in the operand column. Much quicker.

Great option to return to the report selection screen after printing or previewing so you can change the selection options and print/preview again without having to start over.

New E-filing options for Payroll State & Federal info, and for AP 1099 data.

Improved Financial Reporting Features