Sage 100 version 2023 was released in April, 2023. Below are some of the features/changes Sage has included with Sage 100 version 2023.

There are many, many Production Management enhancements – Explode bill sub-assemblies, Enhanced Scheduling, Explode Subassemblies on Mult-Level Bill of Materials. Purge work ticket history by WT #, Release-date or Close Date. Enhancements to I.R.P. (Inventory Requirements Planning system). IRP has many more selection options and report generation can be scheduled to run automatically overnight. Also enhanced WorkCenter settings.

Sage 100 2023 will use the newer Crystal Reports version 2020 – which is also backwards compatible with Sage 100 2022.

Paperless Office Printer Driver Amyuni Update (was version 6.0, now upgraded to version

Four features initially released as subscription-only will now be available for non-subscription installs:
Journal and Register Viewer – Allows access to the Paperless Office Journal and Register Viewer from various locations
Task Scheduler – Added option to e-mail reports printed from a Task Scheduler job
Data File Display Maintenance (DFDM) Utility Enhancements – user can now select a subset of fields from the table to be displayed. When a subset of fields is selected for display, the user can define filters to apply to one or more of the fields to limit the rows display in the Key Scan screen. The status text on the Key Scan screen will indicate when a filter is active.
Map Service – An option has been added allowing users to select which map service to use when clicking on the Map buttons in Sage 100 tasks. Selections include Google Maps, Bing Maps or MapQuest (Default).


Ability to show/hide zero quantity serial/lots on the Cost Detail tab in I/M Item Maintenance/Inquiry using a toggle button, with an option to default the initial display.

Allow serial numbers to be selected by range in Lot/Serial Number Distribution. Current feature allows serial numbers to be selected from a list view will not change. This is an alternate way to select serial number using a separate button and dialog to avoid confusion with the current functionality.

Remove Inactive Items Utility on I/M Utilities menu will remove inactive items with no activity.

A/R and A/P

Remove Inactive Customers/Vendors Utilities will now write Customer/Vendors removed to the Activity Log.

A/P Invoice Payment selection now has Yes/No checkbox column, allowing the user to easily select each invoice for payment, reducing the potential for mistakes. A grid will be used instead of a list box.

As with bank account A/P ACH routing numbers and Vendor bank accounts and routing numbers, the AP vendor TaxpayerID/Social Security Number will be encrypted.

Sales Order

New package tracking service that supports USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL

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