Sage 100 versions 2021 and newer have Role/User Inquiry (on Library Master/Security menu) that allows you to list all users with access to a specific menu option or task security option. That will tell you who has access, and by their absence, who doesn’t have access to an option or task.

Use Role/User Inquiry to select a role, user, task, or security option and, depending on the selected option, view the following:

  • A list of users assigned to a particular role and what permissions the users have under that role
  • The role(s) assigned to a user and what permissions the user has through that role
  • A list of roles and associated users with access to a particular task
  • A list of roles and associated users for which a particular security option is enabled

The company code is also included with the information listed.

Role/User Security is especially useful for companies that use a lot of security roles.

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