Sage 100 version 2022 new features emphasize the new Production Management Module, which replaces the Work Order module. There are also some enhancements to other modules.

The new Work Order Module has been renamed Production Management and re-written using the Sage Business Framework which gives the following new functions:

All Production Management (formerly W/O) Reports can be modified using the Crystal Reports Designer. You can have multiple versions of the same report that you modify in different ways.

Grid Entry for Workorder lines.

Custom fields can be added to Production Management data files and data-entry screens using Sage Custom Office Utilities.

User-defined Scripts can be added to perform tasks in data entry and file maintenance programs.

Additional User Security Rolls and Settings have been added for Production Management.

Note: the basic product W/O system features have not changed in Production Management, but the above user and reporting enhancements enhance the system.

Note: Companies using WorkOrder with MRP or IRP modules should wait for them to be added to Production Management late in 2022 before upgrading to Production Management.

Other Sage 100 Module enhancements include:

Option to display (or not) Inactive Inventory Items in Item Lookups.

In Inventory Item Maintenance – option to Search for All Sales Order Types or select those Order Types you want in the search.

Inventory Images now support jpeg, png and tiff files.

Subscription-only features Document-Date-Warning, Spell-Check, Theme-Maintenance will be available for perpetual-license users.

With the 2022 release, Sage 100 2019 will no longer be supported by Sage. Let us know if you would like assistance updating your Sage 100 software.

Friendly Systems continues to support older Sage 100 versions no longer supported by Sage.

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