The Sage 100 2.21.0 Payroll release is now available. It includes changes needed for Federal Taxes and reporting and enhancements to Direct Deposits.

It ALSO includes the following enhancements:

New reports and fields for Paying back deferred social security tax

Direct Deposit Processing now has a wider window and the ability to see Sent/Unsent batches.

When reversing a payroll check using the Reverse Check button in Payroll Data Entry, the default check date populated is the date of the original check but you can now manually change the check date.

Error: “Error 15 SY_Maint.pvc 455” no longer occurs in Employee Maintenance when the Time Off Annual Limit is 99,999.00.

Only the employee records populate the ACH file when Include Only Employee Records option is selected in Direct Deposit Maintenance.

“The amount does not equal the rate multiplied by the hours” will no longer display on Payroll Data Entry Audit Report for Salaried employees that are rounded.

Payroll Check History Report now retains the earnings/deduction code selections when saving a report setting.

Accrual Percentage field is now enabled on the Payroll Expense and Tax Accrual screen during Payroll Check Register Update when the accrual date is changed.

The new Offer of Coverage Codes and the new Health Coverage Code for Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) have been added for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting.

Let us know if you need these changes and want assistance applying this payroll update to your Sage 100 payroll.

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