Sage 100 version 2020.1 has now been released. We usually recommend waiting to update your Sage 100 systems until after the 1st Product Update following a new release, so now it’s here! That adds several months of usage and testing to a new release. Below is a review of some version 2020 features and some added in the 2020.01 product-update. Some features described here may be available only for Sage100Cloud version.

Allow for international addresses and phone numbers. Fields enlarged for international use.

Role and User Reports – Ability to exclude tasks & security options user doesn’t have security access.

A/R Invoice History Inquiry – ability to view payments for an invoice.

A/P Invoice, A/P Manual Check entry: Net Balance button, when clicked, will add the undistributed balance to the current detail line.

A/P Utility to Reverse ALL checks in an A/P Check Run.

Months to retain paid invoices in AR, AP (instead of days):  Ability to retain paid invoices now in months.  Current functionality allows for 0-999 days, less than 3 years.  Enhancement allows Users to retain paid invoices for up to 10 years for tax auditing purposes.

Lot/Serial Traceability that shows the PO or source of a Lot/Serial item has been added to many places including AR Invoice History, Lot/Serial Report. A new report Customer Recall Report will show which customers received a lot/serial # so that quality-control and maintenance can be done.

P/O Multiple Purchase Orders on One Receipt/Invoice/Return. Multi-PO’s will be reflected also in Receipt/Invoice Reports.

Visual Integrator Enhancements:

A new ALE Lookup added to V/I Job Maintenance and Import Job Select – with Job Name, Job Description, and Table Name, allowing for customization. Log Detail now hast the row number from the source file and can be filtered to show (and export) just error records.

Log Detail – New buttons added allow navigation to next/previous entry in the log.  The panel is now resizable to enable display of more information.

Company color option is now used for Import / Export Jobs but not V/I Configuration tasks. That will remind you what company your V/I Job is running in.

Job Log filter button has been added to the Job Log screen with options to select to display only failed records, skipped records and records with invalid fields.

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