The new Spire ERP version 3.5 system has lots of new features that enhance the product, especially with Inventory, Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Also Note: You can “test drive” Spire ERP with a free download and auto-install. For an overview of Spire, see our Spire Overview page.

Avalara tax service integration has been added.

Accounts Receivable:

Add Multi Edit capability for Sales Tax codes in Customers menu, Customer Addresses List.

Add support for TD Bank 80 byte EFT file

Add columns for Average Days to Pay and Credit Limit to Customer List and Accounts Receivable List, as well as user settings to enable them 

Calculate customer Average Days to pay posting an AR Payment and with Discounts

Replace Customer ID with Customer number in Payfirma when adding a Credit Card  to a profile


Add support for serial/lot cost to Inventory Adjustments and Transfers

Add User Defined Fields to serial/lot numbers

Add ability to see committed and pending receipt serial/lot numbers separately in Edit Inventory, Serial Numbers

Add ability to edit expiry date and sell prices on selected lot numbers

Add ability to export serial/lot numbers and records returned by Trace function

Record serial/lot cost during customer return when serialized cost is enabled

Add Expiration Date required flag and default expiry days to Edit Inventory 

Show only Lot Consume Type on Lot numbered items on Inventory List

Add setting to Company Settings, Company, Numbers to set number of decimal places to use in Sell and Cost price calculations

Add setting for Price Matrix Margin to use Average, Current or Standard Cost to calculate Price

Retain Inventory Current and Standard Cost when selling serial/lot numbers with serialized cost enabled *** Note this will affect Price Matrix margin pricing Sales Orders and commission reporting on these Sales History records.

Reset Inventory On-Order quantity when Closing a Issued Purchase Order

Ensure Inventory Variance is posted in base currency on a Foreign Purchase Order

Set On-Order quantity for Inventory UOM on a Purchase Order created by a Requisition

Allow Inventory records to be copied by a user without permission to modify Vendor prices

Allow Edit Inventory, Serial/Lot tab view even if Inventory record is locked by another user

Populate audit fields in inventory UnitsOfMeasure when the record is changed

Retain Reference and Comment values during Inventory Transfer, in Purchase History

Purchase Orders:

Refresh Prices on a Purchase Order when the Vendor is changed to one with Vendor Pricing

Reset Required Date when copying a Purchase Order from Purchase History

Add Created, Modified and Modified By columns to Purchase History List

Show Vendor name in History Purchase Order screen 

Use PO invoice in GL Transaction Type when Invoice is posted from Purchase Orders

Add View Source and View Target buttons to Requisition List

Set Sales Order Current Cost on a Requisition for a non-inventory item

Add Accounts Payable tab to Purchase Orders and Purchase History

Sales Order:

Add ability to set default warehouse in Sales Order, Info tab

Add columns for Freight and Weight to Sales Order Lists and Sales History Lists

Improve speed accessing and saving Sales Orders, Customers and Inventory

Refresh Sales Order price when changing UOM with Price Matrix Margin pricing

Retain Order Quantity when changing a Sales Order back to a Quote

Copy Sales Order UOM conversion factor from Sales Order to Sales History

Set non-inventory costs on Sales Order during Sales History Copy process

Do not allow Processed or Shipped Sales Orders to be deleted if Lock Process/Shipped Orders is enabled

Respect Address On-Hold flag when added to a Sales Order

Support Kit being added to a Sales Order copied from Sales History

Allow user to edit Total Weight on Sales Order and Purchase Order footer, stop automatic calculations once the user has edited the value

Show Lot number expiration date when a Lot numbered item is returned on a Sales Order

Do not allow serial/lot number to be sold before being fully received

Do not leave serial/lot number allocated if Sales Order fails to Save or Invoice

Allow user to override Sales Order Ship Quantity of a Lot number that is set to auto consume

Replace “A PO number is required for this customer” dialog with a ribbon in Sales Orders

Add Special account for non-inventory in Company Control Accounts

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