Remember the Y2K panic that computers would cease working on 1/1/2000? Or that your accounting system would tell you it was January 1 1900?

If you are running BusinessVision versions prior to 2017, you’re about to have a flashback. Those versions will not allow a login date past 12/31/2020.

If only there was an easy way to migrate to a modern, actively developed system, on a proper SQL database instead of the old flat file technology of BusinessVision. Maybe one with an API that allowed for easy integration of a web store and CRM so I could keep in better communication with my customers. Even better, what if it brought over all my data without having to pay for a week’s worth of a consultant’s time?

You didn’t think I was writing all this just to tell you “You’re SOL” did you?

Spire is all of that, created by people with a long history with BusinessVision. It really does offer a “one click” data conversion! From a users point of view, it is probably the least amount of change you will have to deal with in converting from one accounting/ERP package to another.

Spire now gives you the option to either buy or subscribe.

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