The following changes were made in the Paperless Office module in Sage 100 version 2019:

Text Formatting Options for Messages

A new message editor has been added to Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance and to the Edit Message window accessed through the Customer, Employee, and Vendor Viewer windows. The editor features a tool bar with text formatting options, including the ability to:

Change the text color, font, and size
Use bold or italic text
Create bulleted and numbered lists
Insert links and images

New Merge Fields

Three new merge fields have been added in Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance:

[CustomerPoNo] for sales orders and Accounts Receivable and Sales Order invoices
[InvoiceDueDate] for invoices
[ShipDate] for sales orders and Sales Order invoices
The merge fields are available depending on which module and document is selected.

Cc and Bcc Options for E-mail Address

You can now specify whether the e-mail addresses used when e-mailing documents are added to the To, Cc, or Bcc field when e-mails are sent.

Additional Attachments When Emailing Forms

In the Electronic Delivery for Forms window, you can now select additional attachments to include when emailing forms. You can select multiple attachments, and there is no restriction on the file type.

PDF File Name Options

A PDF File Name field has been added in Form Maintenance. In this field, if you select Document No., the document number is used as the file name for the PDF that is attached to the email. The full description is still used for the PDF file that is stored in the PDF directory.

If you select Full Description, the file name will vary depending on the document type. The file naming convention for this option is the same that was used in earlier versions of Sage 100.

Option to Copy Salespeople When E-mailing Forms

A Paperless button has been added in Salesperson Maintenance. Click this button to open the Electronic Delivery Options window and specify whether the salesperson will receive a copy of orders, invoices, and statements when they are e-mailed to customers from data entry, inquiry, and history tasks.

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