Product Update 2

Sage 300c web screens improvements

Support for Job Related Documents in Accounts Receivable. In Accounts Receivable, you can now work with job-related invoices, recurring charges, receipts, adjustments and refunds.

Product Update 1

New features and improvements in both Sage 300c web screens and Sage 300 classic screens:

Reverse Charges. In Tax Services, you can set up reverse charges (also called customer accounting or self-assessed taxes) for purchases. A reverse charge is a tax amount owed on goods or services you purchase, which you must remit directly to the relevant tax authority, instead of paying it to the vendor.

Withholding Taxes. In Tax Services, you can set up withholding taxes for purchases. A withholding tax is applied when purchasing goods or services from a vendor, and allows you to withhold some or all of either the selling price or the tax amount for a transaction. You then remit the withheld amount to a tax authority on behalf of the vendor.

Tax Reporting programs for Australia and Singapore. The Australia Tax Reports and Singapore Tax Reports programs are now available in web screens. If you report taxes in Australia or Singapore, these programs help you gather and prepare information that you need for tax reporting. Help for these programs is now available, and can be opened from the Help menu or by pressing F1.

United Kingdom Taxes program. If you report taxes in the United Kingdom, a new program is available to help you prepare digital records for your VAT, enabling you to provide updates to HMRC using the Making Tax Digital service.

Microsoft Office 365 integration with Sage 300

Integrating Microsoft Office 365 with Sage 300 allows you to use Sage Contact, which is an app for Office 365 that lets you view and manage Sage 300 customer information within Outlook. Sage Contact has the following tabs:

Overview. Shows the customer’s credit information, contact information, salesperson, and price level.

History. Shows the customer’s balance, average days to pay, recent invoices, and recent payments.

The most recent 20 invoices and 20 payments are shown. Use Sage 300 to review older invoices and payments.

Comms. Shows a list of the latest emails received from the customer. If an email address is specified for multiple Sage 300 customers, this tab shows all emails from the email address.

Notes. Shows notes and comments entered in Sage 300 for the customer, with the following limitations:

For each note, up to 250 characters are shown. Only notes with a status of Active are shown. The most recent notes and comments are shown, up to 20 of each (20 notes and 20 comments).

Use Sage 300 to review notes that are longer than 250 characters, notes with a status other than Active, or older notes/comments if there are more than 20.

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