xTuple 4.12 has been released and it has lots of changes. It is the final release for the xTuple 4.x series. xTuple 5.0 is expected later this year.

Of particular interest are the following:

Recurring Sales Orders

Bulk replacement and other improvements to contacts screen

Address search functionality

Document characteristics and other document tab enhancements

Bug fixes in 4.12 include:

No UOM on P/O Quick Entry Screen

Tab sequence on BOM item screen

Voucher tax line creates ‘another’ tax line automatically

In ‘Post Miscellaneous Production’ screen, cancelling miscellaneous production displays Processing Error dialog.

Unable to change item type to Tooling when there is quantity on hand

Job costed WO no longer closing at ship order causing issues with no COGS transaction and also problems when labor is changed after shipment.

Returning Stock in Issue to Shipping of Job Costed items generates SQL error

Copied Sales Orders do not copy item characteristics for configurable items

Unit Costing problems on Sales Orders for Job Costed items

PackingList-Shipment printing phantom item, not on shipment

Where-Used radio button doesn’t work on Item Availability Workbench

Customer markup percentage not applied to all lines of the same quote

Phantom Parts (kits) cost not considering fractional use

Virtual clusters that are disabled by default cannot be re-enabled

YTD information wrong for account in basic income statement

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