As Marguerite Inscoe explains in this xTuple blog post, targeted marketing poses unique challenges for smaller manufacturers. Our global market has become increasingly connected. This means larger companies vie for internet space and can offer lower bulk prices for materials. Small- and medium-sized manufacturers struggle to find space on the market. Below are ways you can find the perfect customer for your business and beat out the big guys.

Manufacturers and Marketing

In today’s competitive global markets, many small-to-medium-sized manufacturers can have trouble finding their customer base. The purpose of marketing is to inform customers of what you offer and get them to seek a quote. However, blanket marketing doesn’t cut it. It’s expensive and time-consuming. Since it doesn’t search for a specific customer, it also often markets to those who wouldn’t ask for a quote. Rather than using traditional marketing, consider ways in which targeted marketing can work for your business.

Software Options for Targeted Marketing

One of our favorite ways to market to other companies is through xTuple’s eCommerce marketplace. This award-winning product allows you to connect globally and find the best prices for your products and to integrate more of your business. Plus, customers can find you via a customizable web store. This means you can have a fully functional, developed web store that serves your needs and works with similarly-sized businesses. If this sounds right for you, visit our website.

You might also want to check out this cool matrix on xTuple’s website!

We like to keep your systems friendly. Part of that friendliness means getting the right customers to your business. Targeted marketing for manufacturers means going to where your customers are. They’re on the web, looking for an easy way to purchase what they need. eCommerce is a great way to do just that!