Friendly Systems is here to help you develop a checklist for your web sales services.

Identify Priorities

Each business has unique needs. Their web sales, then, differ dramatically from business to business, not to mention from industry to industry. Determining what your business needs and how to fill those needs often takes time and investigation. Here’s how to simplify that process.

Focus on customer relationships and experiences. If customers have easy access to their preferred products and services, they are more likely to use online portals and maximize your profits on web-based sales.

Identify what your business does best. Prioritize what you’re really selling– not just a product or service you offer, but you and your business.

Identify what you bring that your competitors do not, or how you deliver similar services in a unique way. A web sales portal should accent what is already strong about your business. It should also help you differentiate yourself.

Making a Web Sales Checklist

Once you’ve identified what your priorities are from a web sales portal, work with your sales team and Friendly Systems to customize your site. Then, identify the resources you’d like to use to make that site the best it can be. Resources like xTuple make setting up comprehensive, functional websites easy.

Working with companies who specialize in customizing complex software makes your day-to-day easier. Coming to them with a specific checklist means you get the most for your time and money. What do you need from us? How can we help you build your business’ web sales’ profitability?

Creating an easy-to-use, custom-made web sales portal can take your business far. However, poorly functioning portals inhibit business and hurt your online presence. To increase your web functionality and improve customer relationships, consider a web sales portal redesign. (Or you may need to create one!)

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