Many small businesses work with employees, customers, and communities that have close ties to specific causes. We believe that the connections we make with others are only strengthened by a mutual commitment to these causes. Friendly Systems’ customer Laura Heise recently contacted us about the Walk to Defeat ALS in Atlanta, Georgia. Her inspiring words reminded us of values we believe in: community, empathy, and support. We share this information with you now in order to garner even more support for her courageous work and the work of others to defeat ALS.

Laura’s Words

On 9/8/18 Flynn (my son) and I will be joining the movement to cure ALS by participating in the Atlanta Walk to Defeat ALS. I have my heart set on raising $2,000 this year because I’m trying to do everything I can to make my impact on this devastating disease.

Here are some sobering facts: ALS strikes without discrimination and there is no known cause or cure. More than 30,000 people across the country are diagnosed with this disease that slowly robs their body of the ability to move and even breathe, but they aren’t the only ones affected – their families are, too. Patient care costs are an ASTOUNDING $250,000+ a year — which is why the money raised through the Walk is so crucial.

That’s why I’m walking – for those who can’t. Please make a donation today and support my efforts to make a difference for people living with this disease.

Any amount is greatly appreciated and will be put to impactful use.

Together, we can realize a world without ALS.

Why We Support ALS Research

Laura put it so eloquently, but we feel the need to articulate our ties to such causes. Since its inception, Friendly Systems committed to solving problems others might not want to solve and doing so with kindness. Although none of the current Friendly Systems employees have ALS, we know the frustration and fear that comes with incurable disease and high care costs. Many Americans know this struggle all too well. We share Laura’s words and links to support her because we believe in doing our part to create supportive communities.

Why You Should Support Causes

Some small businesses fear becoming too involved in contentous or political issues. Others feel that business and issues such as health care ought to stay separate. Friendly Systems is not one of those businesses, however, and we believe it only benefits us. Our business could not survive without communities and customers. We have our own passions and interests, certainly, but supporting others means support for our issues and so on. We recommend such support as a regular part of doing business. Not only does such support garner goodwill in your community and among your employees, but it demonstrates that your business does more than make money. Good businesses make money; great businesses make a better world.

If you would like to help support Laura and her son in their Walk to Defeat ALS in Atlanta, follow the link above and type in her last name, Heise. There you can find information on how to donate in support of ALS research. You can also find info on how to join a walk yourself!

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