The xTuple Commerce system can be many things. It can be an eCommerce store, a private resource center, a catalog of products, a marketing website, a blog, a forum, an information center, a sales order entry system, a partner community, and any combination of these. There are as many online ways to engage and communicate with your customers, prospects, trading partners — and even your own team — as you can imagine.

First, implementing xTuple ERP gets your organization started with business management ERP software to run your entire business — accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, distribution and delivery, and more. Then, your ERP system can be connected to a Web Portal, with your own configurations to present exactly what you want (and exclude what you don’t want) to your Web Portal. Think of it as your customer-facing ERP.

Every business is different. So xTupleCommerce was built to be extremely flexible to fit to the specific needs of your organization. xTupleCommerce comes with many standard features, so you can configure your preferred customer, team and marketing experience.

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