Sage 300 version 2018 has been released.

The release includes a new modernized user-interface and also new AP and eCommerce capabilities. Sage A/P Automation is now available to Sage 300 customers running Sage 300 version 2018.

Sage 300 2017 Product Update 2 New Features and Enhancements were released in April 2017

The following sections describe new features and enhancements included in Product Update 2.

General Improvements

The following new features and enhancements are available in both Sage 300c web screens and Sage 300 classic screens:

  • Improved Item Finder. The Item Finder now includes the following information:
    • Quantity Available
    • Quantity Committed
    • Quantity on Hand
    • Quantity on Purchase Order
    • Quantity on Sales Order
    • Preferred Vendor (name and number)
    • Preferred Vendor Item Number
  • Easier setup for printing to email. A new Email tab on the Company Profile screen makes it easier to set up and manage print-to-email settings.
  • More flexibility to change National Accounts. In Accounts Receivable, you can now change the national account for a customer even if there are outstanding transactions for the customer.
  • Improved Help menu. The Help menu has an improved design, including several new options, to get you to the appropriate help resource when you need it.
  • Improved validation on P/O Receipt Entry screen. In Purchase Orders, the Receipt Entry screen now prevents you from entering duplicate invoice numbers for the same vendor.
  • Import templates. New import template files show the minimum fields required for various record types (such as A/R customers or I/C items). The data in these templates are based on Sage 300 Sample Data. Import templates can be found in the ImportTemplates folder in the Sage 300 Shared Data folder.
  • Improved error messages in day-end processing. If a problem occurs during day-end processing, improved messages help you identify the cause of the problem.

Sage 300c Web Screens

If you use Sage 300c web screens, the following new web screens and features are available:

  • New Order Entry web screens and features. This release includes the following new Sage 300c web screens for Order Entry:
    • Invoice Entry. Use this screen to enter and manage invoices.
    • Shipment Entry. Use this screen to enter and manage shipments.
    • Capture Payments with Invoices. Use this screen to capture and invoice pre-authorized credit card payments for multiple orders or shipments.
  • Improved navigation in tables. You can now navigate around table cells and rows using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Easily look up Accounts Receivable documents. A new Inquiry feature makes it easy to look up A/R documents. This feature is available from the web toolbar, the A/R Customers screen, and some transaction entry screens in Accounts Receivable and Order Entry.
  • Tax-related fields for Malaysia and Singapore. The following fields, which are required for tax purposes in some jurisdictions (such as Malaysia and Singapore), are now available in Sage 300c web screens:
    • Business Registration Number. This field allows you to enter business registration numbers for your company, customers, and vendors. It appears on the Company Profile, A/R Customers, and A/P Vendors screens.
    • Import Declaration Number. This field allows you to enter import declaration numbers for imported goods. It appears on the P/O Invoice Entry screen.
  • Check customer credit status. A new Credit Status tab on the A/R Customers web screen displays credit status, outstanding balances, and other credit-related information for customers and national accounts. (This information was previously available only on the A/R Customer Inquiry screen in Sage 300 classic screens.)
  • Improvements to the Sage 300 Web API. The Sage 300 Web API now supports the $select operator, which allows you to select properties to include in a response.
  • Sage 300 Web API security authorizations. To give you more control over access to Sage 300 Web API features, a new Sage 300 Web API security authorization is available for Common Services, Bank Services, Tax Services, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Purchase Orders.
  • Sage 300 Classic Screens

    The following new features and improvements are available in Sage 300 classic screens:

    • Easier setup and new SMTP option for printing to email. A new Email tab on the Company Profile screen makes it easier to set up and manage print-to-email settings for Sage 300 classic screens. You can send email using Microsoft Outlook, or you can select the new Use SMTP option to use an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service to send documents via email.
    • Customize how Order Entry handles price and credit limit overrides. The OE.INI file includes a new UsernamePasswordToOverride customization option, which lets you specify how unit price limit overrides and credit limit overrides are approved in O/E transaction entry screens.

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