Net neutrality means that internet service providers (ISPs) can’t discriminate against particular apps or websites. Just like with phone calls, all the data in the pipe is treated the same. This allows startups and small businesses, the job creators like your company, the same access to the internet as the dinosaur whose lunch you intend to eat. You wouldn’t think it was fair for Amazon to be able to pay Comcast to send their traffic full speed and yours at half speed, right?

Yet this is exactly what Comcast, AT&T and Verizon are looking to set up by having the new FCC chairman roll back the Open Internet Order. The core reason the ISPs want this is because they are not just selling the internet pipe, but also own businesses that provide content. Not content with getting the receiving internet business from customers of Netflix, they want the ability to extort money from Netflix to not slow down their video so that customers find it unusable.

With Net Neutrality in place, the ISPs have to provide more value in order to increase their revenues. Creating value is hard work, as every small business owner knows. Tell the FCC and your Congresscritters to keep the internet free and open by supporting net neutrality, before the extortionists come for a slice of the value you create.

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