xTuple has released version 4.10.0 with improved functionality and several new features and added technology.

Added support for the xTuple Dashboard extension. The new xTuple Dashboards commercial extension adds Dashboards throughout the xTuple ERP+CRM desktop client that feature Key Performance Indicator (KPI) charts and visualizations. Using xTuple Dashboards, you can get an immediate overview of how your business is running. Dashboards have been added to most of the Workbench windows you use on a daily basis such as the Customer Workbench, Vendor Workbench, Item Workbench, A/R Workbench and A/P Workbench. On each of these windows, when you open them and select a record, a Dashboard tab will load displaying KPI charts and visualizations for that record. If you are using the popular xTuple Desktop extension, xTuple Dashboards also adds a personal My Dashboard for each user of the system. Each user’s My Dashboard is private to the user and allows them to add KPI charts and visualizations important to their job. See the xTuple Dashboard Video

Creating a Simple Sales Order Entry window. Several companies have a very simple order entry process and only need to capture the basic required data points to take a Sales Order. The new xTuple Simple Sales Order Entry window is designed specifically for those companies. xTuple has duplicated the Sales Order window and stripped it down to just the basics.

VAT/GST Taxation Enhancements Value Added Tax (VAT) is a common tax structure used in many countries throughout the world. Another common tax structure is Goods and Services Tax (GST). xTuple has had some support for VAT/GST Taxation in the past, but there have been some limitations in what could be done. Numerous changes have been made to various documents in xTuple ERP+CRM version 4.10.0 to improve or automate the handling of taxation in VAT/GST tax zones. Changes include improvements to the handling of freight (and VAT on freight) on Vouchers, automatic calculation and application of tax on miscellaneous distributions, automatic application of taxation on both A/R and A/P memos and a summarised Tax Return form. For EU countries, Reverse Charge VAT has also been included.

Bringing Workflow Management into the Desktop Client During the xTuple ERP+CRM version 4.10.0 development cycle, xTuple has been working on adding a new feature to the Desktop Client that has only worked in the Mobile Web Client to date. That feature is a Workflow Management system and it is available in the commercial edition of xTuple ERP+CRM starting in version 4.10.0.

Adding most remaining FeatureMob2 Items.

Several technology updates also.

For an extended list with details of all these changes, see xTuple 4.10.0 What’s in it for Me.


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