• Extended item descriptions for all types of items (miscellaneous, special, charge)
  • Customer Purchase Order field expands from 15 to 30 characters
  • Fields added to more tables for audit control: Created By, Date Created, Time Created
  • Transfer documents between batches. Available for all modules that have Batches activated.
  • Larger font size for Aged Invoice Report (AP and AR)
  • Updates for 1099 reporting (Electronic Consent tracking, FATCA)
  • Larger SMTP email server password field (change from 14 to 128 character capacity)
  • Sales order now offers “Default days until quote expires” field
  • Quotes can default to default to order date when promoted to becoming an order
  • Check number field in Sales Order and Invoice Entry – increased from 6 to 10 characters
  • Canadian postal codes now included with Sage 100 2016
  • Vendor name field expanded from 30 to 50 characters within AP
  • Quick checks may now be reprinted so long as they’re un-posted within AP

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