xTuple ERP software offers several editions, continued improvements and an Open Source philosophy. The PostBooks® version is free, runs on the robust PostgreSQL database engine and serves as a platform for the more advanced commercial versions, but many businesses are running fine on the PostBooks® version.

The xTuple PostBooks® version(free download for 1-4 users) is one of the most downloaded products on SourceForge. It includes extensive Accounting features plus Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Bill-of-Material, Workorder and also multi-bin capabilities, kitting, and an assemble-to-order configurator. It is built on the scalable PostreSQL open source database. If your business has reached the limits of your current software, or if you are looking for a solution that you can grow with, then xTuple PostBooks® can help. xTuple PostBooks® is the ideal business software platform for many small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). xTuple is listed in the InfoWorld 2015 Best of Open Source Software (Bossie Awards) in the ERP catagory. xTuple was also a winner of this award in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

xTuple’s commercially licensed editions include:

Distribution – all of the PostBooks® functions plus multi-warehouse, emailing documents, EDI, lot/serial control, RMA, revision control, and MRP (material requirements planning).

Manufacturing Edition provides everything you need to run a sophisticated modern shop. it features multi-plant MRP, production scheduling, bills of operations, breeder bills for process manufacturing, capacity planning, and more.

Enterprise Edition—Manufacturing, Project, Web portal, Fixed Assets, xTuple Connect (formerly Batch Manager) data integration, plus the new Advanced Commissions module. For a comparison of features among these additions, see: http://www.xtuple.com/comparison

See our website for more information on using xTuple ERP software for your business.

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