We received the following from Laura Heise, Director of Finance at United Cerebral Palsy in Atlanta, and we’d like to do our part to spread the word:

Stand with me to support those with disabilities in your community!

The State of Georgia has been looking at new rates for agencies who care for the developmentally disabled (like United Cerebral Palsy of Georgia-UCP) for quite some time-years in fact. We have yet to see any rate increase but the State is taking up the issue again and we need your help. Getting a rate increase means we can afford to pay a decent wage to our caregivers and provide enough caregivers in our programs to allow our consumers to live a life without limits.

Attached is a document labeled “talking points” which explains how rates to support those with disabilities have evolved over time—to demonstrate to you that we do really need an increase to help support our consumers. Imagine trying to run your business or household on the same income that you had in 2003—10 years ago? That seems ridiculous but that is exactly what UCP has had to do for the last 10 years.

I am asking you to contact your legislators and tell them that you care about people with disabilities in Georgia. Attached are sample letters and talking points you can use to do that. This link takes you to a page where you can click use a map to click on your home area/city and it will then tell you who your local legislators are: http://openstates.org/ga/ (use the plus sign on the map and your mouse to navigate around the state to find your home area/city.)

Thanks for considering helping in our efforts—and tell your friends and neighbors too. Again, if you have questions in order to make your decision, feel free to ask me.

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