Sage is offering Off-plan customers who are lapsed less than three versions back (N-2) from the current version (currently version 4.4 or later) who get on a current plan. There are some details involved, but if you’re considering adding functionality to your system, you can purchase that functionality and get back on-maintenance via these 2013 deals.

Option 1: Late fees waived (up to 100%). Simply purchase any of the Sage cross-sell products listed below, and the late fee will be reduced dollar for dollar up to the value of the cross-sell products purchased.* Sage Intelligence, Sage CRM (minimum five users) Sage Fixed Assets, Sage HRMS, Sage Inventory Advisor or Any Sage Endorsed solutions such as Avalara Sales Taxes, Document Management, AccuPOS and others.

Option 2: 100% late fees waived! Promotion applies to any of the following: Customers who purchase a Gold support plan, Customers who purchase Sage Payment Solutions, sign up, and activate a merchant ID Note: This promotion does not apply to the lapsed coverage fees for the period of time that the customer has been off plan. *For subscription sales, the 12-months’ value of subscription will be applied. Sept. 30, 2013 Off-Plan Customers Customers receive 30% off Customers who are off plan outside N-2 (N-3+) who get back on will receive 30% off the New License SLP when purchasing the mandatory one year of Sage Business Care moving forward. The Sage Business Care plan price is based upon full New License SLP, and standard M&S margins apply. Off-plan customers who purchase the current version are eligible for user-based pricing. Note: Discount on New License SLP cannot be combined with any other promotion and applies only to customers coming back on plan for the same product platform. Discount on SLP does not apply to additional users or new module purchases. View Details June 30, 2013 Off Plan Customers Subscription Offer 30% discount off the monthly subscription price for the first two years. The promotion offers a great alternative for customers who are off plan outside N-2 (N-3+) and wish to avoid up-front costs and move to the current version with a low monthly subscription price. For a limited time, these customers can subscribe for 30% off the current monthly subscription price for the first two years. Offer only applies to the first 24 monthly payments.

Let us know if you are off-maintenance and would like to explore any of these options.



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