In Sage Mas 90 and Mas 200 (now re-branded Sage 100), when you look up Purchase Orders do you get a long list of ancient Purchase Orders no longer in effect? Would you like to get rid of those? If your P.O. System History options are set to retain history, there are six options on the Purchase Order Utilities menu to help you purge old Purchase Orders, recap info and Purchase Order Receipts History. Purge Completed Purchase Orders allows you to enter a date, and the system will remove Purchase Orders completed on or before 60 days prior that date. Purge Expired Master/Repeating Orders allows you to automatically purge Master or Repeating (or both) Purchase Orders that have passed their expiration dates. Purge Completed/Cancelled PO Recap option will purge the recap data as of the date you enter. Note the Purchase Order Recap report on the reports menu for the information being purged. Purge Obsolete Purchase Orders will remove all obsolete purchase orders whose purchase order date, last receipt date, last issue date, and last invoice date are on or prior to the date you enter. This option is useful for Purchase Orders that were never officially completed, and don’t have a completion date that would be used by the Purge Completed P.O. option. Purge Purchase Order Receipt History will remove receipt history for nonexistent (completed and purged) purchase orders to provide additional space in the Receipt History file. Using these Purge utilities will shorten your lookups and various Purchase Order reports that may be cluttered with outdated or obsolete information.


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