Sage Mas 90 and Mas 200 version 4.4 added some features to the Inventory Physical Count functions that you may find useful during Quarter-End or Year-End Inventory Counting. You may want to review these new options before your next Physical Count to see which options are best for your situation.

For those using MAS 90 or MAS 200 version 4.40:

Option to print the system’s on-hand count on the Count Sheets for reference. This can quickly alert people to review discrepancies while they are counting.

Option to set the system’s on-hand quantity as the default-count value so you only have to enter the exceptions, not every single count.

Inventory quantities can be stored with up to 4 decimal places if you need that.

Count Card Entry Introduced in version 4.40.05 in summer, 2011: To assist with doing a physical count of diverse inventory in a large warehouse, you can now enter counts for the same item in different locations on individual count cards. This new option will help prevent you from counting the same inventory twice, and is useful when you have the same items located in multiple locations across your warehouse. When you enter your individually numbered count card information, it can be more accurately tracked, and missing cards can be easily spotted. To speed data entry, multiple users can enter information on cards. Once you’ve entered all your count card information, your quantities can be totaled by item for each warehouse, and you can make any necessary adjustments before posting thel Count Card Variance Register. Use Count Card Entry, Count Card Report, Missing Card Listing and Count Card Variance instead of Physical Count Entry and Physical Count Variance Register.

Let us know if you have questions about these features.

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