How to track documents e-mailed or faxed in Paperless Office?

How to distribute reports by e-mail using Paperless Office?

Tracking documents e-mailed or faxed in Paperless Office. After a document is e-mailed or faxed (for example, sales order invoice) the Sent field for the document changes to Y in the Viewer section for that document. To display this information, go to the appropriate viewer for your document, in this case, the Paperless Office Customer Viewer. Expand the window horizontally, or scroll to the right to view the Sent column. This column displays a Y after a .pdf document is electronically delivered by e-mail or fax.

Distributing reports by e-mail using Paperless Office.

You can e-mail reports to people directly from report printing using Paperless Office. Here’s how: Go to Paperless Office Options. Select the Reports check box under Enable Electronic Delivery and PDF Storage, and click Accept. You’ll need to tell the system where to store pdf files for reports. On the Setup menu, double-click Report Maintenance. In the Company Code field, enter either a company code or All. In the Module Code field, enter either a module code or All. Select either the desired report or All Reports from the Document list. (“All Reports” populates the Document field if the “All Modules” option is selected.) Click the Browse Directory button, and select the folder to use for storing the PDF files. (For Mas 200, a UNC address format is required here). For AutoCreate PDF, select either Yes or Prompt (system will prompt at time of creation). Select an option from the Password Protect list, and define a password if desired. Click Accept. If the “All Companies” and “All Modules” options are not selected, repeat the above steps for all desired company, module, and document combinations.

Printing reports to PDF: We’ll use the A/R Accounts Receivable Aging as an example. Expand Modules, Account Receivable, and Reports. Double-click A/R Aged Invoice Report. Select Paperless Office from the printer list in the lower-left corner of the window. Click Print. The Paperless Office Selection window opens. You are given e-mail and fax options. Here is where you specify the e-mail addresses for this report for this print only, and the subject-line for the e-mails. Note: A form code other than Standard must be used to save the Paperless Office printer as the default printer. Choose your desired options, and then click Proceed. To use the e-mail or fax options, they must be configured in Company Maintenance.

Since you used Paperless Office as the printer for the report, you can View the report in the Report Viewer, and you can e-mail or fax the report from the viewer also. Select Report Viewer on the Paperless Office Main menu. Click Refresh if the Report Viewer check box under Load Data on Initial Viewer Access is not selected in Paperless Office Options. Double-click a report to view it. Reports can be printed, emailed, or faxed from this screen by clicking the electronic-delivery (envelope icon) on the right. Call the Friendly Systems support line at: 678-273-4010 ext 2 – if you need assistance.

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