Do you ever have business situations that catch you by surprise (of course, we all do). If key people are out of the office, can they or anyone keep track of important developments that require immediate decisions? Business Alerts can trigger automatic e-mail alerts to one or more people based on the data in your accounting system. The actual alert triggers can be set based on the formulas that are important to your business.
The Purchasing Manager can be alerted when:
An item is below its minimum stock level at a warehouse. Never run out of a best selling item.
The cost of an item received exceeds the standard cost for that item or the cost varies by a high percentage from the usual cost of that item.

A Purchase Order was not received by the required-date, the system will notify the Purchasing department and the appropriate vendor with an e-mail.

Salespeople can be alerted when an inventory item’s price changes – or when a customer has not been active for a certain number of days.

Account managers can be notified when one of their customers has an invoice that is past due by 30 (60,90,etc.) days or more.

The Sales Manager can be notified when an order does not ship by the shipping date.

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