The Sage Mas 90 and Mas 200 4.40.02 Product Update is scheduled for release in late July. Here’s a summary of the new features.

Accounts Payable
ACH Electronic Payments – define the format for each financial institution. This includes pre-note functionality, and the ability to allocate amounts between one or more accounts.
Paperless Office storage and retrieval of Accounts Payable checks, stubs and remittance advice documents puts documents in a pdf format for transmission and storage, and indexes them for easy retrieval.

Bank Reconciliation
Positive Pay Export creates a file of checks and amounts that have been authorized for payment to send to your bank for verification. The Positive Pay Export Wizard assists you in creating the export-file in the format specified by your bank. If your bank changes their format, you can use the Export Wizard to make changes to your export file format.
Auto Check Reconciliation Wizard Automatically reconcile checks with information downloaded from your financial institution. This new feature helps you configure the settings based on your bank’s format.
Tighter controls over adjusting entries – specify users who can make adjusting entries for each bank account.
Enter Checks, Deposits & Adjustments ‘On the Fly’ while you are still in the Reconcile Bank function.
Recalculate Outstanding Entries Totals Utility sets total of all ‘non cleared’ transactions.
Expanded comment-field in the Check, Deposit and Adjustment Entry now allows 2048 character comments.

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