Did you know you can automatically create leads from your corporate website? Using the Web To Lead feature you can save time and generate new leads instantly! Web To Lead can be found in the Administration -> Customization -> Lead screen.

Use the Recent button to quickly find a recently viewed company, person or case. The button is on the top left under the SageCRM logo. It displays a drop-down list of recent companies, leads, opportunities and people you have accessed for you to select from.

Use the backwards and forwards arrows to navigate SageCRM.com, using these buttons will return you to exactly where you were. They are under the SageCRM logo on the upper left.

Did you know that you can quickly upload contact details into SageCRM? For example, you can upload your entire mobile phone contact by uploading a CSV file in Administration -> Data Management -> Data Upload. A Quick Step Guide on updating your data to SageCRM.com can be found here.

Tired of writing similar emails? Why not create Email Templates? You will find these under Administration -> E-mail and Documents -> E-mail Templates.

The document drag-and-drop functionality provides a shortcut for linking documents, emails, or any type of file from another application to customer data.

Changing the default grid size in your Preferences will enable you to store more than 10 records in a list.

Configure your personal Dashboard as the first page you land on when you log in. This will enable you to easily and quickly view the information most relevant to you, such as your outstanding appointments, recently viewed leads, the companies you most often work with!

Right-clicking the mouse on any menu button will activate shortcut pop out lists.

You can use the wild card search on any field on the search screen. The wild card in SageCRM is the “%” symbol. The % wild card means ‘contains the value’. To search using a wild card select the Find menu button.
In the company or person context type, for example, %software in the Company Name field and select the Find action button. All companies containing the word “software” are returned from this search.

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