If you are using Mas90/200 Paperless Office for Sales Order Invoices,
there is a potential bug that might cause problems. If you invoice a customer
with “ALL” in the customer account number, Invoice PDFs and entries in the PDF log are deleted after running the Daily Sales Order Update.

Two solutions exist:
1) Get Mas90/200 service update 14 and install on your system.
If you have 3rd party or customized Mas90/200 programs, check with
us before installing any upgrades.
2) Renumber any customers whose customer-numbers include “ALL” to
some other letters. If the customer has no open invoices, you can use the
“renumber” button in customer maintenance. Otherwise, use the Delete
and Change utility from the AR Utilities menu, to change the customer’s
account number.

Let us know if we can help, call our support-line at 678-273-4010 ext 2.

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